i think the most inaccurate part of the reboot movies is that jim kirk hasn’t ripped his shirt yet. not once. did they even watch tos?? he ripped his shirt like every three episodes.

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Hawkeye #5

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Black Widow #2 (2014, Phil Noto)

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Song: Laura Palmer
Artist: Bastille
Album: Bad Blood
Played: 1638 times


laura palmer // bastille

what a year and what a night
what terrifying final sights
put out your beating heart

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in french we don’t say “i love you”, we say “vous recevez une heure supplémentaire dans la piscine à balles” which roughly translates to “you are my sun, my stars, my everything” and i think that’s beautiful

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Black Widow #003


Black Widow #003

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lion roars are not as powerful as some guy named frank with a trash can

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hi friends i;;; hate to do this and i know there are many others in much worse situations but i ;;;

am really struggling this month with the bills- power bills are much higher because i need to run the air all the time in the florida summer heat, my rent payments for my old apartment and new apartment are overlapping for the month of august (meaning im about to have to pay rent, almost a thousand dollars total, for 2 apartments in 1 month even though im only living in one) and my hours are much fewer in the summer because all the students are gone and off campus/// im trying to not even THINK about the fact that all of my medications for the month are about to run out and need to be refilled;; ahh

if there is anything you can spare at all, even a dollar or two, there is a link on my sidebar to my donation page or if you’d prefer the ease (and less service fees) of paypal you can contact me in a private message and i can give you my paypal info;;; like i said, anything helps, even if it’s just boosting this post

i dont have much to offer in terms of repayment but ive been told im a moderately good writer/poet (there are tags on my sidebar for both my writing and poetry) so maybe i could do something for you or;; anything

again im so sorry to bother you all and even what you think to be the smallest bit of help is GREATLY appreciated

thank you so much

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